What is it?


I go out to eat. You go out to eat. We all go out to eat. We talk about it afterward - to our friends, on social media, at work.  How about I pick a place and we go TOGETHER?


Our Chief Eater, Melanie believes that food is the great connector. She knows this is true because she talks about food on the Radio and people stop her - in the grocery store, in Marshall's, at church - and ask about it. She knows this is true because more than once she's talked about the wings, the oxtails, the nachos - and they have run out!


So she had to come up with a way for us to experience good food together. Not only with your family and friends, but in the company of NEW family and friends. And so Foodie Flash Mob(FFM) was born. 


So how does it work?


You sign up to receive email updates from FFM. We announce via our email list and social media whena and where our next event is and include a link for you to RSVP.  RSVPing is important so that we have adequate space accomodations when available.. Also, sometimes restaurants offer us FREE perks and you DEFINITELY want to be included in that! You will come with and eat with your party - whether it's your family of 6 or just you and your friend. We're simply going to go through the whole experience TOGETHER.  No tickets or fees. You order (AND PAY) for the food you want, so you control how much you spend. Of course we'll be social and gather photos and comments about  the food and the dining experience - and of course talk about it - to each other and on social media. All in all it's  just  a GOOD time.  FFM, where good food and company is no surprise!


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